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Latest news about Test held on May 12, 2013 !                       

May 12, 2013

The 1st ever HSK Test for proficiency in Chinese Language took place at India’s Test Centre at The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata on May 12, 2013. Fifty Students of Chinese Language registered for the internationally-accepted proficiency tests, under aegis of Confucius Institute/Hanban, Beijing, China.

The School is happy to report that HSK Tests at The School were executed in a very correct manner, to the satisfaction of all Test takers, Administrators, Teachers & Principal.

Level IV and Level VI tests took place at 9.00 am in the morning. The School had scheduled a special guidance and information session at 8.00 am for the benefit of Test Takers. 19 Test Takers of Level IV and 1 Test Taker of Level VI attended and appreciated the informative session conducted by Teacher Xiao Yongtao of Hanban/Confucius Institute. Out of balance 4 Test Takers for Level IV, 3 came in later; 1 was unfortunately absent owing to personal reasons.

Guidance & Information Sessions by Teacher Xiao Yongtao

Guidance & Information Sessions by Teacher Xiao Yongtao

Levels I, II & III some Test Takers arrived at 12.30 pm for the special information and guidance session by Teacher Xiao Yongtao of Hanban/Confucius Institute. All of them were highly appreciative of the guidance offered by The School. One Student was absent in Level I and 2 in Level III.

Test papers were opened by Teacher XuShuai in front of Test Takers as stipulated by Hanban

Test papers were opened by Teacher Xiao Yongtao in front of Test Takers as stipulated by Hanban

All Test Takers were extremely happy and pleasantly surprised by the facilities offered and guidance given before the Tests. Proper arrangements were made to store Test Takers’ possessions during the tests; adequate facilities were in place for toilets/drinking water and, most importantly all Classrooms were cooled by air-conditioners in the summer heat of Kolkata.

Test in progress

Test in progress

Some comments of the Test Takers:

  1. Not so easy but not so difficult
  2. Need more time (5 minutes)
  3. Very satisfied and happy with arrangements and attitude
  4. Good opportunity to check ability in Chinese language

The Team of The School of Chinese Language

One very important issue:
Most people, companies, universities in India have no idea regarding HSK Test and its Proficiency Certificate. We must all do what we can to popularize the concept and the benefits of HSK measurement of proficiency.

Another very important issue:
We understand that many CHINESE companies, even if they know about the test, do not give proper recognition and respect to holder of HSK Test Certificates! Necessary action should be taken to bring about awareness.

To propagate and promote Chinese Language & Culture is it essential to spread awareness about the necessity and importance of HSK Tests amongst all educational institutions and businesses in India & China.

The School has decided to have Guidance Session one hour before each group of tests so that Test Takers are properly familiar with procedures.

In addition, to ensure Test Takers are familiar with test contents and pattern, The School has decided to hold a new course HSK Regular, which will train interested Students to manage their HSK Test paper confidently. It is also requested that all institutions which teach Chinese Language should hold the HSK Regular if their Students are unable to come to The School.

The School has decided that it will devise ways to ensure that Test Taker information is correctly uploaded and printed to avoid gender or spelling errors which occurred.

Most importantly, proper dissemination of information about HSK and value of its tests must be done; due publicity is suggested in India.

Charisma Saraff
Chief Administrator – HSK Test Centre
Vice-Principal, The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata, India