The School of Chinese Language

The Chinese Consulate opened in Kolkata in 2008, as did The School, when it was inaugurated, on July 16, 2008, by His Excellency, Mr. Mao Siwei, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata. The School recently celebrated its 6th Anniversary
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6th Anniversary of  The School of Chinese Language

January 16, 2014

ZhongWenXueXiao, The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata, India celebrated its 6th Anniversary with great enthusiasm and energy.

Presentations – each Chinese & Indian oriented - ranged from melodious songs, to exciting dance, martial arts to breath-taking acrobatics, serious to Children’s dramas. More than 300 Guests enjoyed the presentations and performances by more than 100 Students from leading educational institutions, ZhongWenXueXiao, Visva-Bharati University, St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, St. Lawrence High School, Ashok Hall Girls’ HS School, G D Birla Centre of Education, Mahadevi Birla SishuVihar, The BSS School, St. James’ School, Sushila Birla Girls’ High School & Birla High School. In addition, Guests were treated to dazzling displays by Shane & his Troupe (Artmosphere) as well as prominent singer, Thomas Chen from China Town. The surprise presentation by gorgeously sari-clad Ladies of Consulate General of China was awesome! Students of Kunming No. 8 High School from Kolkata’s sister city, Kunming (Yunnan, China) presented well-choreographed Folk Song & Flute solo.

His Excellency, Mr Zhou Maoyi, Actg. Consul General of China honoured The School as its Chief Guest and presented a glorious future between the two ancient civilisations of China & India as well as for The School of Chinese Language.

Principal Saraff was happy to reveal his immense satisfaction that more than 800 Students studied Chinese Language & Culture, more than 100 Students travelled to China to study MBBS; that The School nurtured Exchange Programs for 9 leading Schools of Kolkata, bringing together thousands of Indian & Chinese youth. Principal announced proudly that The School signed an MOU with IIM-C & Tsinghua University, Beijing. The credit was given to Hanban/The Confucius Institute HQ Beijing & Consulate General of China, Kolkata. He hoped to be supported by Govt of India, Consul General and Hanban, Beijing to become India’s 1st Confucius Classroom.

Principal presented a scroll, Great Wall of Friendship, almost 5 meters long, to Chinese Consulate.

After the festivities, The School presented Chinese good luck knots (charms) to each and every guest.

Enjoy some colourful glimpses of the lovely evening…...

The Program of the evening was inscribed on Chinese rice paper, presented as an ancient scroll

Principal Saraff greets His Excellency, Actg. Consul General of China, Mr Zhou Maoyi & his Wife

Principal Saraff & Kunming No. 8 High School Vice-Principal exchange gifts
Principal presents Consul General with Great Wall of Friendship, depicting the many Student
Exchange Programs developed and nurtured by The School; This was a tribute to China’s gift
of the Great Wall to the people of the world

Consul General encourages The School, Students & Guests

Vice-Principal in a happy moment with Actg. Consul General & his wife

Li Yu Wen of Intensive Class
独唱---隐形的翅膀 - Yinxing de Chibang
A Song

Pradyumna, Tanish, Tanushree, Tanvi, Vikramaditya of Children's Class
金发姑娘和三只熊小品 -Jīnfǎgūniánghésān zhī xióng-Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
A Play

Malabika of Intensive Class
热爱生命 - Re aishengming
A Poem

by Students of The BSS School
我认识你,认识你 - Worenshini, renshini - Ami chini go chinitomareogobideshini
Anjushree, Anoushka, Aparajita, Avantika, Ishita, Kaushiki, Nandini, Rashi, Samprikta, Taskeen
A RabindraSangeet & A Dance

Somdatta of Intensive Class
书法表演 - Shufa

by Students of Birla High School
秋天 - Qiutian - Autumn
Deeptanshu, Dyutiman, Jayesh, Ranodeep, Samantak, Shubhayu, Vinamra, Yash
A Song

Madhurika of Intensive Class
京剧--都有一颗红亮的心 - Dou you yikehongliang de xin
An Opera

by Students of St Lawrence High School
我们的中国之行 - Women de zhongguozhixing - Memoir….. Until Now
Anant, Ashish, Atreya, Neelanjan, Saurav
A Narration

by Students of VisvaBharati University, Santiniketan
一句话的事 - Yi Ju Hua De Shi
Khana, Manoranjan, Parinita, Ramanuj
A Skit

Kushal, Tanushree, Ved & Pradyumna, Tanish, Tanvi, Vikramaditya of Children's Class & Yash of Intensive Class
悯农、送别 - Min Nong, Songbie
2 Songs
诗朗诵---题西林壁、紫藤树、时间雕刻刀 - Ti Xi Lin Bi, Ziteng Shu, Shijiandiaokedao
3 Poems
by Students of St James School
功夫 - Gong fu
Abdul, Adwait, Akshat, Angus, Aryamaan, Aryaman,
Chirag, Ethan, Hitayu, Karan, Koshy, Nathan, Raghav,
Rishabh, Shourya, Spandan, Swagatha
Martial Arts

by Students of Ashok Hall Group of Schools
中印融合 - Zhong Yin Rong He - Indo – Chinese Fusion
Angira, Ankita B, Ankita S, Anshuja, Anushka, Ayushi, Debangana, Delphi, Mitisha,
Riddhi, Rwitashri, Sanjhi, Sayantani, Shree, Sulagna, Tanisha, Tanuruchi
A Dance

Ayesha, Bernard, Charisma, Florent, Parag, Samyadeep, Shreyans,
三顾茅庐小品 - San gumaolu - Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage
The Play

Syed Shahen of Intensive Class
诗朗诵---面朝大海 - Mianchao da hai
A Poem

Akshata, Dipannita, Sampurna, Shannon of Intensive & Ashlesha & Merlin of Express-Business Class
水䄂舞---千年等一回 - ShuiXiu
A Dance
Some of our Guests

Fan Hui & Ayesha
山水画、二胡演奏---良宵 - Shanshuihua & Erhu《liangxiao》
Chinese Painting with Music

Ladies of Consulate
A Song

Shane and James Liao Troupe
武术 - wushu - Artmosphere - chan sin
Martial Arts

Thomas Chen of China Town &Tanvi of Children's Class
新旧中国歌曲的混合、山水画 - Xinjiuzhongguogequ de hunhe & Shanshuihua
Medley & Painting

Bernard of St Xavier's College & Jheel of Express Class
歌曲合唱- 天下有情人 - Tianxia you qingren
A Duet

by Students of Kunming No. 8 School & Sushila Birla Girls' s School Essence of the East -
组合舞蹈:东方的精髓 - zuhewudao: Dongfang de Jingsui
Fuxindai, Hanxiang, Qian, Wei, Xurui, Yixuan & Aashana, Mehakpreet, Muskan, Swadha, Trisha, Yasha, Yoshita
A Dance

by Students of St Xavier's Collegiate School
中国人 - ZhongGuo Ren
A Song

by Students of Kunming No. 8 High School
小河淌水 - Xiao he tang shui
Cheng, Fuxindai, Hanxiang, Haoran, Haozhe, Huacheng, Mengfang, Qian, Shancheng, Wei, Xurui, Yixuan
A Folk Song

Teacher Sheng Lin & Kaustav of Express Class
宝莱坞电影插曲 - Baolaiwudianying cha qu - Yeh Dosti
A Duet


by Student of Kunming No. 8 High School
茉莉花 - Mo li hua

Vice-Principal Charisma bids adieu to the wonderful Audience
  We are The School of Chinese Language


The School inaugurated by the Consul General of China in 2008, is a non-profit endeavour; The School strives to add a micro-drop of understanding to the ocean of friendship which lies between the peoples of India & China; it provides a platform to bring the people of the great, ancient countries closer together with the power of Language and Understanding; it is an effort towardsthe launch into the exciting future which is before us; a century which clearly belongs to the two ancient nations, India & China…

Additionally, The School provides interested Students the opportunity to avail of quality yet very affordable higher education in leading Universities in China, in various fields, including MBBS.

Language is the river which can connect peoples; knowledge of language helps break barriers and The School was established to meet the challenges- through language and interaction- of cultural, social and business differences which exist between the two great countries.

Recommended by Consulate General of China.

In the words of His Excellency, Mr Zhang Lizhong: "The School of Chinese Language is recommended by us because it is a good choice; it offers authentic Chinese Language and the opportunity of immersion in Chinese culture, to the city’s people…. I am happy to recommend The School to you and wish each and every Student who joins The School success in career…”

The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata is authorized by Hanban and Chinese Testing International, Beijing, China to train Students and conduct Proficiency Exams (HSK) in Chinese.

The Schoolis India’s HSK TEST CENTRE!

We have been fortunate to placeThe School in Sunny Park, a quiet cul-de-sac in the heart of Kolkata, to ensure convenience and a peaceful atmosphere of dedicated teaching and learning. We expect to make the grasp of Mandarin (Putonghua) an interesting and useful experience for each one of the participants.

Our curricula have been formulated in consultation with our Chinese Teachers, Universities and the Consul General, in accordance with international practices; stress is laid on correct phonetics and authentic teaching. Generally, each Session provides the optimum time-span to learn this language. We maintain a Teacher:Student ratio of 1:15.

We offer, currently, the foll. Courses:


30 Hours, about 1.5 months


80 Hours, about 4 months


110 Hours, about 7 months


208 Hours, about 10 months


120 Hours, about 8 months - a Joint Certificate Course with Calcutta University & MAKAIAS


aged between 6 years and 12 years
51 Hours, about 9 months

(HanyuJingduKecheng) -

500 hours in 5 hour Sessions held 5 days a week, 100 days, about 5 months (Proposed)

The School of Chinese Language offers, in Partnership with leading, reputable Universities in China (recognized by Medical Council of India, Indian Embassy, World Health Organisation amongst others), international-quality yet very affordable Medical Education (MBBS IN ENGLISH).

A complete mastery of Chinese may not be a very easy task for everyone; even the Chinese. An extremely well-educated Chinese scholar has knowledge of about 6000 to 7000 characters. However, a normal educated person possesses the knowledge of about 2000 characters(as distinct from vocabulary); this knowledge is sufficient to read a Chinese newspaper, and to communicate very efficiently. A proficient foreign student with a career in mind should understand anywhere between 1500 to 2000 characters.Chinese vocabulary (the many different words made up of various combinations of such Chinese characters) are many fold more. This study requires about 3 years - 3 years of dedication and passion followed by a period of one year in China. The School shall help you in this very possible task.Faculty consists of native Chinese Teachers, including specialists and highly qualified Teachers from Government of China, and Indian Scholars conversant with contemporary China. With the sincere devotion of our expert and professionally-qualified Teachers and your hard-work, practice, dedication and perseverance, we expect all our students to achieve their goals, both short and long term.

The School partially subsidises the fee for meritorious Students of Chinese origin thereby supporting intellectual quality and social diversity. Deserving students with outstanding ability, dedication and comprehension and grasp of Mandarin would thus create an energy in the classroom and find the opportunity to join the revolution in the making.

The School also offers opportunity to avail of scholarships to Students joining MBBS Program of its Cooperation Partner Universities in China as well as Chinese Language Courses in China.

We promise to make the learning experience useful and interesting, if not exciting…
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