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The School provides these Courses for you :
30-Hours EXPRESS-TRAVELLER’S Course (LuxingzheSuchengKecheng) a super-fast course for today’s confident traveller, who would like to visit China on a short trip; a survival Course to prepare you to manage and handle your essential language requirements of your travel to China confidently and securely
80-Hours EXPRESS Course (SuchengKecheng)
providing the Student with a vocabulary of essential and everyday sentences/expressions and words to cope with basic necessities in any Mandarin speaking nation; suitable for visitors, business & service persons, professionals and all those interested to create a bridge of bonding with their Chinese counterparts
110-Hours EXPRESS-BUSINESS Course (SuchengShangwuKecheng) especially tailored to suit all who wish to create a bonding with their Chinese counterparts; this Course is specially suitable for business and service persons for convenient every day interaction in China. In addition to covering the basic necessities covered in Express Course, this Course has additional hours devoted to business-related conversation for convenient every day interaction in China
208-Hours INTENSIVE Course (QianghuaKecheng) providing the Student the means (through grammar, character recognition, reading and writing and stroke order), to achieve mastery at the end of the Course (dedication is a must-have word) over Mandarin, and, with adequate practice be able to confidently converse in, as well as translate and interpret, the language. To assist in deeper understanding of Chinese Language & Culture, The School provides deserving Students with the opportunity to visit China on Students' Exchange Programme
120-Hours BASIC APPLIED CHINESE LANGUAGE Course (ZhongwenJichu Shiyong Kecheng) this certificate Course (a Joint Program with Calcutta University & MAKAIAS) lays the foundations of Chinese (Mandarin) language by introducing basic grammatical concepts and useful vocabulary step by step. The Course also aims at building good but basic oral communication skills that are essential in the language learning.

51-Hours SPECIAL CHINESE CLASS FOR CHILDREN (HanyuLeyuanShaonianban)

Conducted by specialist Teacher from China for children between 7 and 12 years of age, laying the foundation of the language.Children are fast learners. At the end of a year, a dedicated Child should be able to understand and speak simple Chinese sentences; be able to sing Chinese children’s song and recite children’s rhymes/simple poems; acquire basic knowledge of Chinese characters and be able to write simple Chinese characters; gain a preliminary understanding of Chinese culture.

500 hours
in 5 hours sessions 5 days in a week, 100 days, about 5 months.

Proposed as part of Confucius Classroom; under discussion with The Confucius Institute HQ Beijing.
  • Authentic phonetics and pronunciation, which ensure that you are well-understood by your target audience, the Chinese people
  • Highly qualified Teachers from China (Hanban) and Indian Scholars well-versed in contemporary China to provide their expertise
  • Opportunity to interact and network with Chinese persons and companies with presence in Kolkata, members of visiting Chinese business delegations, officials of reputed Chinese Universities & Colleges, persons of the Chinese Consulate as well as other Chinese language enterprises
  • Genuine platform for placement as officers in Chinese companies in India and abroad as well as qualify to be Interpreters and Translators
  • One of the Classrooms
  • Air - conditioned and well-furnished Classrooms with a harmonious ambience
  • Convenient schedules for all, including housewives, retirees, working persons, business persons, tourists, government officials etc (and, soon, Children!)
  • A view of the outside from the Classroom windows
  • Individual attention with a maximum Teacher/Student ratio of 1:15
  • Courses suitable for all
  • Study material provided gratis by The School
  • Audio and Visual assistance
  • Audio and Video Assistance
  • Annual picnic, together with all of those interested in Chinese in Kolkata
  • Reception area
  • The Chinese Corner, India’s first ever CHINI ADDA, has started with the active assistance of the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, serving complimentary Chinese and Indian cha, our very own Chini Adda, for practicing your Mandarin skills and for interaction with the Chinese community around the world and all others interested in China, its language, its people, its history, its culture... open to all who speak or are learning Mandarin. BY INVITATION ONLY
  • A special service, specially for Corporates and Business Persons - Short courses, lectures, seminars and workshops can be arranged – together with opportunity to interact closely with and network with visiting Delegations
  • Informative lectures by, and opportunity to interact with, Chinese and Indian persons
  • Authorized by Hanban/The Confucius Institute HQ and Chinese Testing International, Beijing, China to train Students and conduct Proficiency Exams in Chinese.India’s HSK Test Centre!
  • Teaching Mandarin in progress
  • Authentic and highly reliable Interpreter and Translator services at cost!
  • Periodical and long-term follow-up
  • Conveniently timed Classes, on weekdays and weekends – CALL US!
  • Adequate free parking
  • Convenient location accessible by auto, bus, minibus, tram, metro, taxi, private car
  • Quiet green area in a private cul-de-sac
  • Ideal learning environment
  • The School arranges meritorious and serious Students to visit China under Student Exchange Programmes.